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Surgical Directions Achieves 45% Growth and Expands Healthcare Solutions for Partners

Posted by Surgical Directions on Feb 21, 2023 10:00:00 AM

After becoming independent in 2021, Surgical Directions is proud to announce that it achieved 45% growth in top-line financial performance in 2022. Surgical Directions is a healthcare solutions company that measurably improves the surgical and procedural performances of healthcare organizations in the United States. Using a propriety framework of clinically led, peer-to-peer consultation coupled with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)-enabled analytics, Surgical Directions delivers clinical, financial, and operational improvements to hospitals and health systems.  

 While Surgical Directions is the national leader in perioperative transformation, the organization expanded its solution set in 2022. According to Mark O’Connor, the company’s Chief Growth Officer, this expansion is designed to further value creation for clients in a challenging economic environment: “We want to be able to solve critical problems for our clients by providing diverse, modularized, and customized solutions across the entire surgical care continuum. We believe our expansion will truly tackle organizations’ biggest staffing, financial, and strategic challenges in the near, intermediate, and long term.” 

 Surgical Directions’ value proposition now includes the following: 

  • Maximize surgical volume, market acquisition, and financial performance in the OR by deploying digital health solutions and ongoing advisory support to monitor surgical performance over time 
  • Stabilize anesthesiology practices – whether group or employed – to meet growing surgical volumes  
  • Augment anesthesiology or OR leadership staffing shortages by providing market-leading placements  
  • Align hub-and-spoke delivery models to vertically and horizontally integrate ASCs into a master surgical delivery model  
  • Reduce and eliminate wasted costs from supply chain and materials management in the OR  

The president of a multi-facility healthcare system in the Southeast chose Surgical Directions over other companies because “Surgical Directions didn’t sell us a six-figure engagement only to take what we already know and put it into a PowerPoint. Surgical Directions is fundamentally different. It’s clinically differentiated and data-driven. They address all people, process, and infrastructural challenges across the surgical care continuum. Surgical Directions surpassed our expectations and anticipated future challenges based on our unique market dynamics. We look forward to maintaining a positive relationship with Surgical Directions for the next several years.” 

In the last year, Surgical Directions has acquired preeminent regional and corporate clients spanning coast-to-coast. Categorically, Surgical Directions’ client base now includes some of the nation’s most recognized brands in Academic Medical Centers, Integrated Delivery Networks, Regional Care Systems, and Specialty Care Centers.  

“At Surgical Directions, our mission is to transform surgical and procedural care to improve patients’ lives while delivering clinical, financial, and operational improvements to healthcare partners across the United States. I am proud to announce that our dedication to this mission has led to 45% growth in top-line financial performance in 2022. Our expansion of healthcare solutions and commitment to solving critical problems for our clients has not only solidified our position as a national leader in perioperative transformation but also earned us the trust of some of the most recognized brands in the healthcare industry. As we continue to tackle the biggest challenges facing the industry, I am confident that Surgical Directions will continue to make a positive impact in the lives of healthcare providers and patients alike," commented Leslie Basham, CEO of Surgical Directions. 


Surgical Directions is a healthcare solutions organization that helps clients improve perioperative, procedural care and anesthesia services through consulting, technology, and leadership. We partner with organizations to reduce costs and increase revenue using peer-to-peer leadership and process expertise coupled with actionable data analytics. Our team of experienced practitioners and consultants tackles critical issues while achieving financial, operational, and clinical outcome excellence. Surgical Directions has successfully served 400+ hospitals, ASCs, and medical groups to increase patient access and, most importantly, improve patient care. Additional information is available at www.surgicaldirections.com.  

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